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Details of Portable Mobile Fueling Station

Mac 12 2021-11-04 16:28:20

We, Henan Eaglestar Energy Technology Co., Ltd, supply customized mobile fuel station depending on customer application and specific requirements.

Gas station equipment | Eaglestar

With 14 years’ industry experience, we design and manufacture our products, and we select the most competitive components for a good performance and long-term usage. The compact design can save space and is easy for transportation. To ensure safe operation, we provide the necessary safety detection devices. Flexible adjustment can be made according to customers’ requirements. Besides, we offer the quick & convenient installation, easy operation & maintenance, and best price VS value.

Gas station equipment | Eaglestar


Gas station equipment | Eaglestar

Basic Configuration:

      Station Base

      Protective Housing

      Inner Tank

      Fuel Dispenser

      Control Room: (Unloading Pump Inside)

      Safety Detection Device, including pressure relief device, leakage detection device, fire extinguishing device, emergency cut-off device, static electricity grounding alarm device, sound light alarm device etc.

      Ex-proof electrical system

      Magnetic Level Gauge

      Pipelines & Valves

      Other Accessories: handrail, canopy, ladder, lights etc.


Optional configuration:

      Auto Tank Gauging System

      Centralized Automation System

      Oil Vapor Recovery

      Office Compartment on one side

      Customized Logo & Color Painting