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The working principle of a fuel dispenser for sale

Mac 12 2021-11-26 16:35:01

Nowadays, fuel dispensers for sale are used widely in the world. In China, there are some brands of fuel dispensers for sale, like Bluesky fuel dispenserHongyang fuel dispenserLanfeng fuel dispenser, etc. Our products, i.e, Eaglestar fuel dispensers for sale, are also very popular in some countries, like Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, the Philippines, etc.


Our typical products include:

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EG3 (

EG5 (

EG6 (

EG7 (


And the working principle of fuel dispensers for sale is as follows:

Once the fuel dispenser nozzle is lifted, the electronic head will get the signal of starting the fuel dispenser. Then the fuel dispenser motor will work, and the fuel dispenser valve will open. The motor drives the pump to suction the fuel from the fuel dispenser underground tank. After air is separated, the fuel goes through the fuel dispenser flow meter, which will drive the fuel dispenser pulser to generate the pulse. For every movement of the fuel dispenser flow meter, fuel with a fixed volume will be output, while certain pulse will be generated. The electronic fuel dispenser head will calculate the volume and money after getting the pulse. Then the volume, money and unit price of fuel will be displayed on the main display. The measured fuel will be delivered to qualified fuel dispenser cans or fuel dispenser tanks.