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What Is The Solution If You Accidentally Fill A Petrol Car With Diesel?

Mac 6 2021-12-01 09:59:06

When using our fuel dispensers for sale, such as EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 ( and EG7 (, to fuel cars, it is not likely you fill your petrol vehicle with diesel from a fuel dispenser pump, but if you accidentally did, I assume you filled it up to the brim and your car was almost empty prior to that. I'm assuming also that you are of average literacy mechanically and you're seeking a DIY solution.


1st on the agenda is to drain all the contaminated fuel out of the fuel tank. Check if your tank has a drain plug underneath and use that to drain (might need to raise the vehicle in this case), if not, you have to check if it's fuel injection or carburated. If fuel injected, locate the fuel pump relay on the fuse box and plug it out. Disconnect the fuel supply line to the fuel rail and extend it to a container suitable for containing fuel.


On the fuel pump relay connector, bridge terminals that correspond to terminal 30 and 87 on the relay. Most relays are labeled. You are effectively pumping your contaminated fuel out of the fuel tank. When the fuel runs out, there are about three or so litres left in the tank but don't stress. You can put 5 litres of petrol and drain again.


Now change the petrol filter (in-line) if equipped, and connect everything as was. Fill up the tank with the correct fuel. Crank up the car and it should catch after a few tries if not immediately.


In case of a carburated vehicle, look for a cheap under car high pressure fuel pump and connect it to the fuel delivery line as close to the tank as possible. Disconnect the supply line to the carburetor/s and extend it to a container. Note that the pressure from a high-pressure pump can damage your carbs.


Connect the pump to a power source (use crocodile clips at the battery). When tank is empty, add 5 litres of the correct fuel and drain again.


Go at the carb(s) and drain fuel in the reservoir. Most carbs do have drain plugs for that. If you don't find the drain, cycle the accelerator about 20 times to dump the contaminated fuel into the engine. Fully press accelerator and crank engine like you do on a flooded vehicle to vent off the fuel from the engine.


Connect everything as it was and fill up the tank with the correct fuel. Crank the vehicle and it will catch after a few tries.