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Innovation is the core spirit of Eaglestar. Innovation demonstrates in research & design, production, quality control and sales & service etc. every segment. Starting from the initial fuel dispenser products, Eaglestar expands the products to ATG and FMS, to provide one total solution for retail petroleum industry.

Mobile payment is more and more popular in the world. These fast efficient payments are mostly favorable to the customers to shorten the fueling time. All the transactions by mobile payment can be transmitted to back office in real time, which make the shift accounting more easily, more efficiently.

Customers UN agency use the Mobile payment on fuel dispenser system . All they need to try to to is exit the automotive, place the nozzle within the fuel tank and start filling. it's atiny low step that goes an extended means in streamlining the expertise through speed and convenience.

Gas station equipment | Eaglestar

Mobile payment solution is the key for self service fueling. Eaglestar developed successfully the self service fueling dispenser in 2016. During the last 3 years, the technical team endeavored to develop different generation for self service fuel dispenser. Now, EG7 with 32” touch screen display is the most advanced fuel dispenser in China. The customers can fuel easily by themselves and get the invoice automatically.

Gas station equipment | Eaglestar