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Innovation is the core spirit of Eaglestar. Innovation demonstrates in research & design, production, quality control and sales & service etc. every segment. Starting from the initial fuel dispenser products, Eaglestar expands the products to ATG and FMS, to provide one total solution for retail petroleum industry.

Eaglestar 8000 mainboard adopts various advanced technology, which combine the petro card solution and multi nozzle controlling together. One main board can be used on all modes of fuel dispenser to satisfy the different requirements of different environment.

Eaglestar's new generation STAR main board uses the latest ARM CPU processor to achieve more command feature, Easy configuration and high safety control.

More functions can be expanded on STAR main board such as printing, POS, Smart Card, Priority Card etc.

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The high quality industrial electronic components ensure the excellent performance on power surge, electrostatic shock And electromagnetic interference.