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The Introduction Of Eaglestar Fuel Dispensers

Mac 16 2021-11-26 16:30:48

Fuel dispenser is a liquid volume measuring system, which transmits fuels such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene etc. into vehicles or qualified cans.


All the Eaglestar fuel dispensers, for example

EG1 (,

EG3 (,

EG5 (,

EG6 (,

EG7 (

fuel dispensersare classified as the suction fuel dispensers and submersible fuel dispensers. The suction fuel dispensers are with pumping units, and submersible fuel dispensers are with remote submersible pumps. In the dispensing unit, you will find the main components such as electronic head, flow meter, pumping unit (vane or gear type, suction type only), motor (suction type only), solenoid valve, switch, pulser etc. All fuel dispensers can work independently or be monitored by indoor management system.


Fuel Dispenser Flow Meter

Eaglestar fuel dispenser flow meter is designed and produced conforming to the OIMLR117, OIMLR118 standard. The internal structure can make product movement more reasonable, so as to minimize the leakage and keep high accuracy. Seamless sleeve and holistic pistons remarkably enhance the sealing performance of the fuel dispenser flow meter


Vane pumping unit (Suction type only)

The compact structure improves the reliability. Lower cost can meet the majority of requirements on site. Built-in filter makes fuel clean. Simple structure is easy for maintenance.


Gear pumping unit (Suction type only)

Unique internal structure and process workmanship guarantees the consistency and reliability of gear performance. Double built-in filters can purify fuel very well. It has a compact structure, reasonable layout, and non-easy worn parts, which can reduce maintenance cost and is easy for maintenance.


The submersible type of dispenser must be installed with emergency shut-off valve together. In the emergency condition, such as the dispenser is knocked down or on fire, the emergency shut-off valve can automatically stop or prevent oil leakage from the pipe line or fire accident happening.