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Functions of the Main Components of a Fuel Dispenser

Mac 16 2021-11-26 16:41:42

Among our products, such as EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 (, and EG7 ( fuel dispensers for sale, most of their components are same. The following items are the main components of fuel dispensers for sale:

1. Explosion proof wiring box: lead safe power to the dispenser unit.

2. Explosion proof motor: power source to drive the fuel dispenser pump smoothly.

3. AC contactor: control the fuel dispenser motor to start and stop.

4. Fuel Dispenser Pump: suction oil products from the fuel dispenser tank with pressure and convey it to the fuel dispenser flow meter.

5. Fuel Dispenser Flow meter: discharge the oil products with measurement.

6. Fuel Dispenser Solenoid valve: keep the accuracy for fueling. 

7. Fuel Dispenser Nozzle: fuel the oil products to the fuel dispenser vehicle tank

8. Switch: turn on or turn off for the fuel dispenser unit

9. Sensor: photoelectrical converter, which is to convert the physical displacement of the fuel dispenser flow meter into electrical pulses.

10. Power board: convert high voltage power into low voltage power, i.e., AC power into DC power, which is used by the fuel dispenser main board and its peripheral circuits.

11. Fuel Dispenser Keypad: device to operate the fulling data and configuration data for the dispenser unit.

12. Fuel Dispenser Display board: display relevant parameters and fueling data.

13. Drive board: control-on or control-off of the fuel dispenser motor and the fuel dispenser solenoid valve.

14. Fuel Dispenser Main board: the "brain" of the fuel dispenser, the core component for computing and controlling the dispenser unit.