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Something you need to do before installing the fuel dispenser

Mac 9 2021-11-26 16:45:28

Once you start to install the Eaglestar fuel dispensers, like EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 (, and EG7 (, there are some preparations you need to finish:

a) Please check the packing list: Quality Certificate, Operation Manual, Door lock key, Parameter lock key.

b) The fuel dispensing units shall be installed at outdoor environment under canopy protection, to prevent daily from rain, direct strong sunlight etc. 

c) The fuel dispensing units shall be installed on fueling island, and kept enough space away from vehicles. 

d) All the installation and maintenance should be done by authorized technicians only. Eaglestar may provide necessary training to distributors in the local market.

e) All installations must abide by the national regulations and requirements strictly, such as local gas station construction regulations, the regulations of electrical installation in a dangerous place, fuel dispenser installation regulations, the regulations of fire safety in a dangerous place etc.

f) All the underground tanks and pipelines should be checked for leakage. 

g) The horizontal distance from the fuel dispensing unit to the underground tank should not exceed 50 m. The vertical height between the inlet of fuel dispensing unit and the bottom of oil tank should not exceed 4 m. Meanwhile, pipeline bends are as few as possible. Otherwise, flow rate and suction ability will be influenced.

h) The fire safety distance between the fuel dispensing unit and buildings, railways or roads should be in conformity with local gas station construction regulations, electrical installation regulations in a dangerous place, fuel dispenser installation regulations, fire safety regulations in a dangerous place etc.

i) Before starting to install the dispensers, the authorized electricians should carefully check if the cables and pipelines are placed right or not. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT DIFFERENT CABLES SHALL BE PROTECTED SEPARATELY THROUGH DIFFERENT STEEL PIPES. The cable ditch must be filled with sand in order to ensure safety.

j) One DN40mm (1.5”) bottom valve shall be installed at the inlet pipe in tanks. The valve to the inlet is approximately (15-20) cm.