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The Wiring Of Eaglestar Fuel Dispenser For Sale

Mac 10 2021-11-26 16:48:33

Referring to the Eaglestar fuel dispenser for sale, for example EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 (, and EG7 (, it is essential to know some stuff about the wiring. Wiring is important in an Eaglestar fuel dispenser for sale, like how you wire it, what requirements the power cable should fulfill, how to handle the three-phase wire etc.


Here are some wiring standards or regulations of Eaglestar:

a) All the power cables should be 4-core copper ones with conduit, oil resistant and corrosion resistance. The cross-section area of the cables shall not be less than 2.5mm2.


b) All the power cables connected to the Eaglestar fuel dispenser for sale should go through steel pipe.


c) All the power cables must be embedded separately from the Eaglestar fuel dispenser for sale oil pipe and heating pipe etc. to ensure safety.


d)The data cable for connecting the dispenser to the management system cannot use AC 380V or 220V power supply. Otherwise, the parts inside the Eaglestar fuel dispenser for sale will burn out.


e) The cable for grounding shall not be less than 4mm2 with multi cores. 


f) The starting current of motor is 10A. The fuse capacity can be determined according to the total quantities of motors. Each dispenser unit should have one independent switch for controlling. The MASTER switch shall be indoors. 


g) SPECIAL WARNING: the outer diameter of power cable shall adapt to the hole of rubber sealing gasket on junction box. All the cables shall be tightened to the junction box well to guarantee a good performance. The metal washer which matches the sealing ring plays an important role in protecting the sealing gasket and pressing gasket, and should not be lost. Standby holes shall be blocked by a sealing gasket.


h) If motor is AC 380V, technicians need to wire the phase sequence right. The three-phase wire to A, B and C respectively, the zero wire to N. The rotation direction of the three-phase motor should be consistent with the arrow direction marked on the belt pulley. If the rotation direction is incorrect, just exchange the positions of any two of wires A, B and C.


i) The grounding cable must be wired well. After finishing the installation, technicians shall measure the resistances of the Eaglestar fuel dispenser for sale and the nozzle to ground. The resistance of the Eaglestar fuel dispenser for sale and nozzle to ground should be no more than 4Ω and 10Ω, respectively.