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petrol station sales promotion guide

Lisa Gao 613 2019-05-20 14:03:06

Now, there are more and more petrol stations, the competition is getting more and more fierce. How should we seize more customers? In addition to the correct location of the petrol station, there are more features to attract customers.

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(图片名:Gas station promotion plan)


For example, a beautiful design/color of petrol station will attract more customers, and a good service and convenient experience will bring you more repeat customers.


There are many petrol stations in China that offer various promotional policies. Here we would like to share with you:


{C}1. {C}For customers with IC CARDS, the points policy will be implemented, and customers will be given different levels of discounts when the points reach different specified values.


2. When the customer's consumption reaches a certain amount, they will send some small gifts to the customer, such as tissue, the opportunity of wash car for free, etc.


3. Strengthen the training of salesmen, strive to get customers to buy more fuel, and reward the employees with the best sales.


4. Expand other services, such as convenience stores, car beauty, catering, etc.......


There are many ways to promote, the key is to find the right one for you.