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How to Replace the Outer Gear of Fuel Dispensers for Sale?

Mac 8 2021-11-29 15:36:51

When using our fuel dispensers for sale, such as EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 ( and EG7 (, if the gear pump of fuel dispensers for sale is jammed, you only need to replace the outer gear and cover. The following are the steps for the outer gear replacement:


a. Clean the fuel dispenser filter inlet. 


b. Take out the inner gear and shaft, and clean all the parts. 


c. Put the lubrication oil on the shaft and bearings. Put back the shaft carefully by rotating it. Then the shaft should work smoothly. 


d. Put the rectangle sealings on the fuel dispenser pump, lubricate the cover bearings. Put back the outer gear in the shaft and make it work smoothly. 


e. Put back the outer gear and cover in the fuel dispenser pump. Move the pulley and fasten the bolts, and make sure the belt work well. 


f. Start the fuel dispenser gear pump and check its performance in less than 5 minutes.