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Auto tank gauge purchase guide

500test 102 2019-05-23 13:41:16

In China, almost all oil stations have Auto tank gauge, which is installed on the oil tank to automatically detect all kinds of information about the oil tank, so that we can know about the operation of the oil station quickly and Conveniently. Here we will focus on the magnetostrictive anto tank gauge. The magnetostrictive auto tank gauge consists of two parts: the controller and the probe:

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(图片名:The controller of auto tank gauge)  (图片名:The Probe of auto tank gauge)


As shown, a controller can have up to 6 probes. The controller is touchscreen, and you can see a lot of data in it. It is very convenient. You can know the water level, oil level and sales situation of the oil tank at any time. It also automatically generates reports for you to analyze your business in detail.


In fact, when buying a level gauge, there are many things to pay attention to, such as:


1. Length of probe


2. Cable length


3. Data transmission module


{C}4. {C}{C}{C}{C}Timely notification of SMS


{C}5. {C}{C}{C}{C}Mobile application


6. Other special requirements.


The quality of Eaglestar Auto tank gauging is good, and its price is excellent. If you are interested, please kindly check the company's official website: