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How Many Types Of Petrol Pumps Are Used For A Petrol Engine?

Mac 3 2021-12-01 09:14:37

For our fuel dispensers for sale, such as EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 ( and EG7 (, the following three types of petrol pumps are used for a petrol engine in a fuel dispenser:


Mechanical Petrol Pump

This petrol pump is most regularly used with petrol engines that use a carburetor. Mechanical petrol pump is recently outdated since they pump petrol at a very low-pressure rate. As time goes by, they are less used, most especially with old cars. Newer cars do not usually use or require this type of pump. Since mechanical petrol pump pumps the petrol into the carburetor, it retards the capability to deliver petrol.


Electric Petrol Pump

This kind of a pump is the most commonly used petrol pump. It is slowly replacing mechanical petrol pump. Electric petrol pump pumps gas at a much higher pressure compared to a mechanical pump. For this reason, they are taking over and are mostly used in most new vehicles. This pump uses a fuel injector in the vehicle. It has a capability to deliver fuel quicker and easier. Therefore, it is usually the more desired petrol pump.


Turbo Pump

This pump is designed to increase the pressure of the fuel with an aim of increasing the effectiveness of the engine. This pump is usually used in high powered vehicle engines. A turbo pump has certain types of driving turbines joined with the rotor-dynamic pump.