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how to maintain fuel dispenser

chris Zhao 737 2019-05-20 12:01:19

Maintenance guide for fuel dispenser:

Daily usage and maintenance of the nozzle:


1.The automatic shut off nozzle shall be handled gently,which can not be knocked on the tanks etc.Or discarded on the ground .


{C}2. {C}Add lubricant to the area where the push rod underneath the main valve is connected to the nozzle body on order to ensure its agility and reliability.


{C}3. {C}keep the fuel and air circuits inside the self-sealing nozzle unclogged and prevent items from clogging the fuel and air circuits,to prevent the failure if the seal-sealing function.


{C}4. {C}The nozzle shall be used in right way yo avoid the hose damage which cause the leakage of oil.


Motor Maintenance


The 220V single phase motor need high electric current ,also it need a stable power supply ,without high fluctuation.The normal working condition for 220V motor is 220V +10%,-15% ,if the power supply is lower,the motor cab not start .If the power supply id higher than standard,it will burn the motor ,so it is strongly recommended that the stabilizer shall be installed in the fueling stations.


Generally ,motor is with stable working performance,but if encounter abnormal running,such as slow or no move.maybe need to change the starting capacitor or running capacitor or centrifugal switch after u checking and confirmation.


We hope that this will be of help to you and wish you everything going well.