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Trouble Shooting For The Fuel Dispenser Counter

Mac 1 2021-11-23 14:49:26
When the fuel dispenser motor works, the counting should be on display after the fuel dispenser nozzle works. However, if the counting is on display before the fuel dispenser nozzle works, something goes wrong. You should perform the followings:
a. Check the fuel hose, which can expand. If the fuel hose is longer than 4 or 6 meters, the hose will expand right way when the fuel dispenser works. Some fuels go into the fuel dispenser pipe, and the counting is on display. The characteristic is that the counting is same for every time.
b. Check whether the fuel dispenser valve in the fuel dispenser tank works well or the fuel dispenser pipe leaks.
c. Check whether the fuel dispenser balance valve can close well.
d. Check whether there are more bends on the fuel dispenser pipeline.