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A Brief Introduction Of Eaglestar EG1 Fuel Dispenser For Sale

Mac 4 2021-11-24 11:41:04

Since founded in 2005, we have produced several kinds of fuel dispenser for sale.


EG1 ( ,

EG3 (


EG5 (,

EG7 (,

each version is different and also has something in common, and they all deserve your consideration. 


As a pioneering version of our fuel dispenser for sale,

EG1 ( is economical and does not cost much, but it can fully fulfill your fueling requirements. Reasonable investment with a good effect. That is what EG1 brings for you.


For the fuel dispenser vane pump, the independent filter is used, which can extremely protect the fuel dispenser flow meter for a long-life time operation.


High-quality electronic parts are specially designed and produced for the high-low power fluctuation in the market.


Optional LED screen display can be produced on the fuel dispenser canopy to make advertisement of your fueling station and attract more customers.