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Eaglestar Portable Fuel Dispenser Or Mobile Fuel Dispenser

Mac 2 2021-12-02 17:02:40

If you have a mobile fueling truck and want to look for some suitable fuel dispensers, you may take a look at our portable fuel dispenser or mobile fuel dispenser.


Just like our fuel dispensers for sale, such as EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 ( and EG7 (, this portable fuel dispenser or mobile fuel dispenser is also very popular. It has a small size and is easy for use. The Tatsuno type of fuel dispenser flow meter provides a flow rate of 5~50 L/Min and 8~80L/min, with an accuracy of ±0.25%. The suction head is 1m long, with a nozzle hanging on one side. You can see a display and a keypad in the front. The whole design is exquisite, the electric parts are stable, conforming to the OIML & ISO9001 standards.


This kind of portable fuel dispenser or mobile fuel dispenser is suitable for the mobile fueling truck or industry and mining enterprises.