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Four Development Stages Of Fuel Dispenser For Sale

Mac 5 2021-12-06 12:06:02

With a good appearance, quality and performance, our fuel dispensers for sale, such as EG1 (, EG3 (, EG5 (, EG6 ( and EG7 (, have been used by many customers in the world.


Developed with the development of automobiles and highway traffic, fuel dispensers for sale have experienced 4 development stages since its birth in the early 20th century.


In the first stage, the manual fuel dispensers for sale appeared and their principle is similar to the piston working method of a steam engine. You need to compress those machines for fueling.


In the second stage, the mechanical fuel dispensers for sale appeared, combing the electric and manual methods. Electric method means fueling can be done with the fuel dispenser pumps; for the manual method, people need to rotate a belt.


In the third stage, computer technology was applied to the fuel dispensers for sale, and fueling is controlled by the computer mainboard, making fueling much more convenient, fast and accurate.


In the fourth stage, computer-controlled fiscal fuel dispensers for sale appeared, and some technologies, such as online communication management and IC card, have been applied, thus making fuel dispensers for sale obtain more functions, such as network management, convenient payment and VAS (Value-added service), besides the basic fueling and metering functions.