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Portable mobile fueling stations for petrol station fuel dispensers

Mac 39 2021-11-26 16:19:10

In recent two years, the portable mobile fueling station ( for petrol station fuel dispensers is very popular in the world. With it, you can avoid the complex approval procedures and save your cost in your petrol station.


As shown in the figure 1, you can see a portable mobile fueling station being transferred to the truck. It is just one fueling station ordered by our customers from all over the world. Those fueling stations for petrol station fuel dispensers have been manufactured and exported on time.


Figure 1: A portable mobile fueling station being transferred to the truck


As a main product of EAGLESTAR, the following types of portable mobile fueling stations for petrol station fuel dispensers are available: 2,000 liters, 3,000 liters, 5,000 liters, 10,000 liters, 20,000 liters, and 50,000 liters. 


We also have other products available, like 

EG1 (,

EG3 (,

EG5 (,

EG6 (, and 

EG7 (

fuel dispensers.


Warmly welcome you to tell us what you want about the mobile fueling station for petrol station fuel dispensers, and we will offer you a professional and satisfying solution.