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PE pipePE pipe

PE pipe

Eaglestar UPP PE flexible pipeline is made of polyethylene with special EVOH resign lining, based on particular static conducting technique. The advanced manufacturing equipment and production line together with the unique process workmanship enables Eaglestar UPP PE flexible pipeline with better quality than other competitors in China. This kind of flexible polyethylene pipeline has excellent characters of oxygen barrier, anti-permeation, corrosion resistance, static conductivity, super long life span in fuel transmission.

PE pipePE pipe

Why choose UPP PE flexible pipeline to replace the traditional steel pipeline?

Within -40℃~50℃ temperature range, the burst pressure of UPP PE flexible pipeline which is over 40 standard atmospheric pressure protect the pipeline to perform durably

The efficient Electro fusion welding techniques connect pipe with its accessories and produce a seamless buried oil-supply pipeline system.

The pipeline can eliminate all the leakage from oil tank to fuel dispenser, thus protecting the environment. It prevents the underground water from permeating into the pipe.

UPP PE pipeline with polytene composite material can be used for all kinds of fuel, ethanol mixture and additives. According to EN14125 standard testing and proving, the pipe can apply to hydrocarbon, ethanol fuel mixture and biofuel at 10 standard atmospheres of pressure (bar)

Excellent static conductivity demonstrates the UPP PE flexible pipeline with high safety performance.

No need concrete furrow. It can significantly reduce the construction cost for fuel station.

Easy installation with rich choice for accessories provides the flexibility of pipeline direction.


The advantages of Eaglestar UPP PE flexible pipeline

Strong Oil and Solvent Resistance:

1. The special EVOH lining has smooth surface and good oil resistance, which not only helps to reduce.

2. the frictional loss in fuel transmission but also totally cut off fuel permeation, thus improving fueling efficiency.

Strong Static Conductivity:

1. With advantage of EVOH resign lining, UPP PE pipe has less than 104Ω electrical resistance.

2. Comparison to other materials, PE pipe has more safety for fuel transmission.

Excellent Mechanical Property:

1. Applying to Multi-layer co-extrusion techniques to guarantee the strength and durability, Eaglestar UPP PE pipe has excellent resistance to curve and fracture. It can also bear a pulling force of 7000N, which efficiently prevents oil leakage casing by land subsidence.

Strong Corrosion Resistance:

1. The high density polyethylene outer layer has strong corrosion resistance and it can endure the corrosion of various chemical mediators. It has no electrochemical corrosion and never rusts. Compared with metal pipe, polyethylene composite pipe saves much cost for corrosion prevention and reduce much risks casing by pipe corrosion.

Wide Range Temperature Suitability:

1. Eaglestar UPP PE pipeline can work well in -40℃ to +50℃ environment without leakage. Its burst pressure which is over 40 standard atmospheric pressure protects the pipeline to perform durably.




Material: PE100 with EVOH resin barrier.

Primary pressure rating (bar/psi): 10/145.

Primary colour: Black or black with two clusters of four green stripes, clear inner liner.

Temperature rating: Class T1 Rating (EN14125) -40 °C to 50 °C.



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  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar
  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar
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